• Our paper was selected as a Cover Picture of Angewandte Chemie!
  • [Lecture]Prof. Helma Wennemers on Jan 18
  • [Lecture]Prof. Hideki Yorimitu on Feb 16
  • [Poster Award]Mr Li@45th Heterocyclic chemistry symposium
  • [Lecture]Prof.Daniel B. Werz (Braunschweig) on Oct 5
  • [Poster Award!]Mr Ota in the 62th Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry
  • [Award!]Prof. Terada was awarded for Molecular Chirality Award 2015
  • [Poster Award!]Mr Gima @BANYU Sendai Symposium
  • [Poster Award!]Mr Oishi in 8th Organocatalysis Symposium

Welcome to Terada Lab!

Oct 4th, 2014, "Imoni" Party at Ushigoe Bridge.